Nowhere People: Exhibition on Statelessness

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Opening night of Nowhere People
©UNHCR/ Tumer Gentruck
Opening night of Nowhere People


As part of the #IBelong campaign to end statelessness, UNHCR Malta is holding a photographic exhibition of Greg Constantine's 'Nowhere People'  at the Malta Postal Museum in Valletta.


The exhibition was launched on Thursday 14th December. UNHCR Regional Representative for Southern Europe, Stephane Jaquemet, introduced the launch with a few words about the plight of stateless people, and how the UNHCR is committed to advocating for their rights.
The selection of photos feature stateless people in Myanmar, Italy and Malta.


The Nowhere People exhibition will be showing at the Malta Postal Museum in Valletta until the end of January 2018.






What isstatelessness?


Across theworld today more than ten million people are told they don't belong anywhere.They are called 'stateless'. They are denied a nationality. And with it, theyare denied their basic rights. Statelessness can mean a life without education,without medical care, or legal employment. It can mean a life without theability to move freely, without prospects, or hope. Statelessness is inhumane.

The mainreason people are stateless is because of discrimination. Because of theirethnicity. Because of their religion. Because in some countries women cannotpass their nationality on to their children. We believe it's time to end thisinjustice. With enough courage we know it is possible. Governments can changetheir laws and procedures, and give stateless people their rights and a placeto belong. Within ten years, we can ensure everyone has a nationality. Becauseif we don't this injustice will only get worse.

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